The Three Bears

On November 12th – 14th, the third VIP play of the season, ‘The Three Bears’, opens at Schapiro Studio at Columbia University.

Set in a forgettable town in rural Southern France, ‘The Three Bears’ follows the banal yet brutally painful daily interactions of an ex-patriot American family. Told through a series of memories, the play dramatically explores two questions: Is it really better to ‘stick it out for the kids’?  And can we ever escape the shadows of our past?

‘The Three Bears’ is by far the most personal play I have ever written.  For years, I was afraid to write a play inspired by events from my own life, and frankly, didn’t really see a reason to do so.  I was far more comfortable writing about things that I could keep at a safe-distance.  But after years of writing about such universal tragedies as rape, murder, war and death, I realized one important question kept rising to the surface: Why do so many of us get trapped in endless cycles of making each other miserable?

This play is the story of a traditional family that supposedly did everything right, according to the norms that society upholds.  They fell in love, they got pregnant, they married, and when severe marital issues arose, they chose to stay together, and thus condemned themselves to a life of never ending misery.

— Simone Marie Martelle

November 12-14: Friday @ 8PM, Saturday @ 2 PM and 8 PM, Sunday @ 2 PM, at Columbia University’s Schapiro Studio (605 W. 115 St. betw. Broadway and Riverside)
Admission is free! RSVP at


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