Here’s what the creative team has to say about Dreams:

The inspiration for this play was the following lyric by my favorite song writer Stevie Nicks, “And to those that I love like a ghost through a fog, like a charmed hour and a haunted song and the angel of my dreams”. Dreams is not an A, B, C, D play; it is an A, D, B, C play, all the stories are there, but not in any  “normal” sequence, or are they? This play is a mystery, a choose your own adventure story, it is up to you to choose the story you like best, but they are all sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares, you choose. Welcome to my Dreams. –David Rosar Stearns, Playwright

Dreams mingles the truths we tell ourselves and the expectations we manage, and lets you in on a terrible secret: everyone negotiates in order to be loved.  Thank you David and the lovely cast and crew for telling this story front to back, side to side, real or imagined with humor and compassion. –Katherine Krause, Director

Where do our dreams come from? Is it the subconscious? Or the mind’s chance to expel superfluous information? Perhaps dreams are memories, or perhaps we even make them… I must confess, I rarely remember my own dreams. But I’d like to imagine my dreams are as rich and complex as this play. Confronting how we communicate, relate, and love others, Dreams focuses on the deals we make with others and ourselves. I’ve been honored to work on this play since this past summer, and I still find the play surprising-gracefully blending boundaries of waking and sleeping, past and present, dreams and reality. Dreams stretches, quickly mutating hilarious jagged moments into lullabies of loneliness. I gratefully thank David, Katherine, cast and crew for inviting me to dream with them. — Ellen Joffred, Dramaturg


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