Time Suites: a note from the dramaturg

Time Suites: Camille et Rodin

A note from the dramaturg
Naïma’s gift to the theater world is not merely found in the poetry and the pastiche of narrative that she creates, but in the space that she composes around that text.  Words transform themselves into images, images to emotions, emotions into movement, movement into characters, characters into relationships…  Her interest in theater resides in its possibilities when seen as a hybrid art-form:  when a quality of liveness is given equal attention to the environment, the performer, and the text they are speaking.

Time Suites (in this instance for there are other suites that she has written) is a meditation on the role of the muse and identity of an artist, through the lens of the French sculptor Camille Claudel.  For this process the environment of an artist studio, (commissioned from Minette Mangahas) and our actors’ exploration of physicality and space became integral into finding a particular way into the rehearsal and telling of this theme. We present this as an anti-reading, workshop presentation because the role of the audience is invaluable to informing our process.

Jess Applebaum


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