Notes from “The Three Bears” Dramaturgs

If home is where the heart is, then what happens when your home is a war zone? What are the consequences of growing up in a family where such banal questions as, “What’s for dinner?” are nothing short of fighting words? In The Three Bears, we are all voyeurs, witnessing the dark and domestic deterioration of a fine American family, uprooted to a foreign land. To some extent, as dramaturgs, we are always intentional voyeurs of a play’s developmental process – a part of the journey, but forever striving to retain an objective eye. And in fact, one could argue that Marie herself is a dramaturg, painfully observing the regular assaults on her younger self, while also living out her own, now fractured life. The Three Bears powerfully conflates past and present – examining the effects of our most basic everyday actions… living with our family.

– Jay Jaski & Ellen Joffred

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