Meet the Playwright: David Rosar Stearns

1. Hey David, so your play Dreams has this amazing soundtrack. What’s the role of music in your writing?

Music plays a huge role in my writing, from the initial inspiration to keeping me focused on the story and moving through edits and revision, I always strive for my plays to have the fluidity and musicality of songs, especially in this one, Dreams.

2. Dreams explores the intimacy of complex relationships. Are you trying to be sexy and controversial, or is this just me?

I never try to be controversial, but somehow it happens, I am attracted to subject matter that is often not spoke about or shown and usually those subjects are the most controversial, and I always find the unspoken to be sexy.

3. What’s your journey writing Dreams?

I started writing Dreams almost two years ago and it has grown and changed as I have, but I am very pleased because this 6th draft of this play still tells the story I was telling in the first.

4. You write with honesty and sincerity, and your audiences end up laughing. Do you think the truth hurts, or is it just funny?

I do think the truth hurts, but I also believe that old adage I heard somewhere that, “You have to laugh to keep from crying” and also a Joni Mitchell lyric, “Laughter and crying you know it’s the same release”; and I guess I am funny too.

5. You are the first playwright to produce his play in our season. Where do you find your courage?

Years ago I went to see the Wizard. I really don’t know, I often ask myself why I jump in with both feet before looking, but I think it’s just the way I’m wired.

Dreams by David Rosar Stearns

Columbia University’s Schapiro Studio, 605 W. 115th Street between Broadway and Riverside

Performances will be on Friday, Oct. 15th @ 8PM, Saturday, Oct. 16th @ 2 PM and 8 PM, Sunday Oct. 17th @ 2 PM.

Admission is free! Reserve tickets via email at

PLEASE NOTE: Friday’s performance is SOLD-OUT and is currently accepting reservations on its wait-list only! Tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday performances!


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